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The Need

The need was felt due to the absence of a common platform where views and ideas of professionals could be exchanged and formulated. A platform was required where issues and matters pertaining to the community could be discussed, solutions found for betterment of the economic and social situation of the community and for Pakistan. Also needed was a Forum for providing counseling and financial aid to the needy members for meeting educational and other urgent needs. The Professionals also felt that they required a more formal structure to foster and improve the relationship with United Arab Emirates and other nationals.

The Answer

After deliberation, the senior professionals came to the conclusion to form a formal Group to attend to all the above needs of the community and to contribute to the development of Pakistan. This Group then incorporated itself under the title “Pakistan Association Dubai – Professionals Wing”, under the umbrella of Pakistan Association, Dubai.

About PPW

Pakistan Association Dubai – Professionals Wing was established in 1987 by a group of Dubai and Sharjah based Pakistani professionals. The Mission, Aims and Objectives of this group was to contribute to the social and economic uplift of the community in the U.A.E, provide a forum to deliberate on issues facing Pakistan, provide assistance in the education of Pakistanis in U.A.E, enhance the level of literacy amongst adult Pakistanis in U.A.E., bring the Pakistani and U.A.E communities closer to each other and generally to provide a forum for professional Pakistanis to network, socialize and contribute to worthy causes.