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The Organizational Structure

The Professionals Wing is made up of a general body of its members, an Executive committee, and working committees.

The Management

The management of the Professionals Wing is entrusted to the Executive Committee, in whom all the funds and property are vested.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises of a Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer, and seven committee members, all of whom are elected by the General body of the Professionals Wing. The six leaders of the working committees are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee can meet as often as necessary but normally at least once a month. Forty percent attendance by EC members constitutes the requisite quorum. No member of the EC is allowed to be a member of any other governing body / executive committee of any other sister organization of the community without prior approval of the Professionals Wing’s Executive Committee.

The tenure of the EC members shall be continuous. Fifty percent of the EC members retire and are replaced every year at the Annual General Body meeting. (AGM). The office bearers are allowed to hold office for one year ending with the AGM and with the exception of the Chairman are eligible for re-election. However the Vice-chairman and Treasurer are not eligible for re-election for more than two terms.

The financial year of the Professionals Wing commences from 1st October and ends on 30th September, when, accounts are audited, by a chartered accountant appointed by the General Body for this purpose.

At the General Body Meetings all decisions are taken by the simple majority of all those present. Decisions to add, amend or rescind the by-laws require two-thirds of the majority of the members.

The Working Committees

These are formed for the purpose of carrying out specific objectives of the Professionals Wing. The present working committees are:

  • Membership enrolment and special tasks
  • Employment
  • Education support / Welfare
  • Symposia and social functions

Each working committee consists of a leader and alternate leader, who are elected by members of these committees and who are allowed to hold office for a period of one year, which the members may extend by consensus for one more year.

Each working committee is required to originate ideas and plans for the pursuit of their aims and forward these for the approval of the executive committee along with its implementation plans, estimate of costs and type of support needed.

Functioning of Working Committees

At the beginning of each year, members are asked as to which of the six committees (having different aims and objectives) they wish to join and contribute towards achieving the aims of the Professionals Wing.

Once these members exercise their choice, the Committees are formed. In the first meeting of the Committees the members choose their Leader and Alternate Leader for the year.

Each Committee then prepares its “Program for the Year” which is presented to the “Executive Committee” for comments and approval. This Program sets out target and assigns tasks to be followed. Once the Program is approved the Executive Committee works towards achieving its stated aims by following the approved Program.

The Committees meet regularly (normally at least once in a month). At each meeting progress is reviewed of the various tasks assigned and brain storm new ideas to achieve the objectives. The Committee meetings are formal with an agenda distributed in advance and minutes are taken of the proceedings and decision and circulated.

Each Leader (in his absence the Alternate Leader) of the Committee also attends the regular Executive Committee meetings and presents the progress of his Committee.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Leader of each Committee presents the achievements of his Committee to the members and answers any questions from the floor.