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Summary of Discussion on Pakistani Schools Inspection Reports at Pakistan professional Wing – Dubai

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Event Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Venue: , Dubai

PPW Education Committee conducted a comprehensive open discussion meeting on 27 th March 2011 at PPW among principals and teachers from different schools, quality assurance advisers, educationist, social development experts and senior executives of PPW on KHDA Inspection reports on Pakistani Schools performance. The discussion was focused on the problems and issues raised in the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)’s Inspection report, possible solutions to improve on the shortcomings and strategies for meeting the objective to attain an “Acceptable” level.

In brief Mr. Munir Mahmood, Chairman PPW stressed for the self-evaluation in the school system. He pointed out that many Pakistani schools in the UAE are not fully aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Some school staff are not sufficiently knowledgeable about best practices either locally or internationally. Most importantly, the lack of various sources of evidence to check the performance of their own schools was a barrier to self improvement. He also assured that PPW will help and facilitate schools in the process of self-evaluation and continuous improvement within each section as recommended by the KHDA.

Mr. Iqbal Maladwala highlighted & explained the KHDA seven quality indicator requirements and discussed possible immediate fixes. He also requested all schools to prepare their school’s short term & long term plan for self improvement in order to obtain an “Acceptable Level”.

Each school’s principal was asked to explain and share their school’s real time shortcomings and strategies to overcome them. It was observed that some schools’ principals were meeting each other for the first time.

Most of the schools highlighted the following issues:-

  1. The need of dynamic leadership and management in some of the schools.
  2. Lack of Teacher training in the area of pedagogy, pastoral care and use of ICT (Technology)
  3. Lack of localisation of the Pakistani Curriculum to suit the learning needs of the students in UAE.
  4. Lack of proper school polices on behaviour, performance management, assessments, marking, homework, trips, and professional training.etc.
  5. Lack of central data system to track pupils’ progress.
  6. Insufficient funds to ensure maintenance of the school building, class rooms, labs, shortage of furniture, teaching & learning resources.
  7. Lack of safety, health & hygiene arrangements.
  8. Lack of commitment from parents, low attendance, discipline issues and inadequate numbers of parent/teacher consultation meetings.
  9. Students from low income families could not attend school due to non payment of fees.
  10. On occasions students are enrolled for Visa purpose only. (ghost students)
  11. Delay in payments of teacher’s salaries which make them disgruntled.
  12. Lack of a sound and safe school transport system.

Suggestion / Recommendations:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive school self improvement plan that includes targets, people responsible for achieving the targets, how to be achieved, resources and deadlines.
  2. Develop a central data base for lesson plans.
  3. Develop a central data base of pupils’ grades and targets.
  4. Arrange continuous professional development opportunities to train new teachers and also look into in house and inter school training / sharing experience.
  5. Involve parents in the activities of school. Form a parent’s body that is in close contact with the Leadership team of the school to exchange views and concerns.
  6. Conducting Gap analysis for KHDA / ADNEC or other local emirates inspection body’s requirements.
  7. Introduce success criteria for each target to be achieved.
  8. Evaluation of assistance required for providing furniture & fixtures to class rooms and financial support for needy students.
  9. Estimate of expenses to provide IT facilities to enhance teaching.
  10. Review of salary package for teachers.

After an extensive discussion, Mr. Irfan W. Malik thanked all the participants and informed them that the second session of discussion is proposed to take place next month wherein PPW will invite experts from other schools who will also share their experience about KHDA quick fixes / quality indicators.