More rewards for cabbie who returned Dh121,000 | Pakistan Professionals Wing

More rewards for cabbie who returned Dh121,000

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Pakistani organisations award Dh17,000 to taxi driver

  • by faisal masudi, staff reporter     Published: 17:55 September 19, 2012


A Pakistani taxi driver, who returned more than Dh121,000 worth of cash and gold jewellery, forgotten by a businessman in his Dubai cab, has been awarded Dh17,000 by various Pakistani organisations for his honesty.

Omar Hayat, 26, handed over the jewellery and cash — 123,700 Saudi riyals — to Dubai Police after finding it in his taxi last week.

He had dropped off a Saudi businessman in Sharjah and noticed the belongings after he stopped at a petrol station when returning to Dubai.

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Hayat was awarded Dh10,000 by the Pakistan Professionals Wing, Dh5,000 by Pakistan’s UBL bank, and Dh2,000 by the Pakistani Pashtu Association on Tuesday.

This is on top of appreciation certificates awarded by Dubai Police and the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi – and a Dh500 tip by the Saudi passenger.

The father-of-one, who makes about Dh3,000-Dh4,000 per month, urged fellow cabbies to ensure any belongings left behind by passengers are returned promptly.

“Believe me, the honour you get from God for doing good is worth more than any amount of money. I want to give a big ‘thank you’ for the respect and awards people have showered me with. My family back home has never been so proud and happy before.”

Hayat wants to save the money for his dream of running a business some day, saying he meanwhile wants to buy some gifts for his two-year-old daughter.