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Only taking responsibility by people can bring Pak on right track

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By Jamil Khan

September 21, 2012

DUBAI: Javed Jabbar, an eminent Pakistani writer and politician, addressing an interactive session stressed on the training and development of new leadership to bring Pakistan on the right path.Addressing a huge gathering of Pakistani community members at a hotel in Dubai on Tuesday night, Jabbar said: “Only our actions and taking responsibility by people in every segment of the society in Pakistan can bring the economy as well as politics on the right track.”

The session, “Pakistan: Dream, Nightmare, Vision” was organised by Pakistan Professional Wing (PPW), a part of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) as part of their Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Earlier, Munir Mahmood in his opening remarks appreciated the role of community in general and professionals in particular to support the PPW throughout the last 25 years.

“When this body was set up here in Dubai 25 years ago by a group of Pakistani professionals, including bankers, chartered accountants, engineers and doctors, our objective was to play our role in the social economic uplift of our community residing in the UAE.

“We contributed to many sectors like welfare and relief activities, mostly the education sector,” he said

He added that the PPW has been supporting deserving students from the community in the UAE by paying their outstanding tuition fees worth millions of dirhams, while a substantial amount has also been spent on the maintenance of many schools buildings in many emirates in the UAE.

He asked the community, including the members of the PPW, to continue their support as the body has been extending its welfare activities to schools and students and other sectors, including Pakistani prisoners who have completed their terms in jails and need financial support to go home.

However, Javed Jabbar, who is an author of 13 books on various topics, said that the community participation is must for a genuine and sincere leadership.

He shared details from his recent book “Pakistan – Unique Origins, Unique Destiny?”

“Pakistan is one of the unique countries in the world and the only sincere leadership from the younger generation can bring results for the country,” he said.

Responding a question by a member from the audience, Jabar said: “In my view, feudalism in Pakistan is becoming week with the passage of time.”

Jabbar, who has served three terms as federal minister referred the Indus Water Treaty signed between India and Pakistan as a major source of interaction between the two neighbouring countries.

“It is the only treaty in the world not effected by three wars (1965, 1975 and 1999) and still exist but for us it is time to focus on setting up new dams, smalls and big and to save water,” he added.