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PAD body’s interactive session to focus on soft image of Pakistan, community

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DUBAI: Javed Jabbar, a prominent writer, filmmaker and eminent speaker will attend an interactive session organised by the Pakistan Professionals Wing (PPW), a body of the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations.The interactive session with Javed Jabbar will be a major event in the current calendar year with the participation of a large number of community members.

The event hosted by the PPW will be held at Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai on Sept.18.

The PPW is celebrating 25 years of excellence in social and community services, principally in education and welfare sectors, in the interest of the community residing in the UAE.

Munir Mahmood, chairman of the PPW, said that the event is part of a series of activities initiated by the PPW to spread the soft image of Pakistan.

The session entitled ‘“Pakistan: Dream, Nightmare, Vision’ will help boost the overall image of the country as well as motivate the Pakistani community to extend their positive role in every field.”

He added that there would be an interactive session for the community members living in the UAE.

“Community members living overseas are much concerned about the ongoing situation, especially as the nation is waiting for the general elections in the first quarter of the next year,” he said.

Javed Jabbar has diverse interests in writing, filmmaking, media, international and national affairs and voluntary work.

He is the husband of Shabnam Jabbar, an independent entrepreneur and father of the filmmaker, Mehreen Jabbar and Barrister Kamal K. Jabbar.

Thirteen books and monographs comprising his writings and material compiled/edited by him on a range of subjects have previously been published. Pakistan – Unique Origins, Unique Destiny, is his first full-length book. He gives lectures at leading universities, research centres and thinktanks in Pakistan and other countries.

As part of his voluntary work, he was re-elected for a four-year term (2009-2012) as one of the four global vice-presidents of the IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world’s largest and oldest environment organisation.

He has served as a minister in three Federal Cabinets of Pakistan and as a senator for a 6-year term. He has drafted several progressive laws and policies, including the PEMRA law, which introduced private electronic media to Pakistan, and the Freedom of Information Law.