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Pakistan Professional Wing – annual general meeting

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By Jamil Khan

November 24, 2013

DUBAI: The Pakistan Professional Wing (PPW) has asked its members in particular and community in general to extend their generous support towards the education initiative started by the wing to help students in need.Mir Waqas Ellahi, the chairman of PPW, addressed the gathering at the annual general meeting, saying that the wing has extended financial support to thousands of students from the UAE community with the help of its members for the past seven years.The event, held at a local hotel in Dubai, was attended by prominent community members and their families.

“The education support programme, launched in 2007, is one of our key initiatives, and so far 1,566 students were given financial aid for their tuition as well as other grants worth Dhs8.7 million. All these funds were generated by PPW members as part of their community support initiative,” he said.

He further asked the wing members to give their financial support towards the community’s deserving students on a monthly basis. “If each member decides to contribute a fixed amount on a monthly basis, it would help the wing to support more deserving community students with ease,” he proposed.

Shedding light on last year’s performance for the different executive committees of PPW, he said that “during 2012-2013, tuition fees of 270 school students and 30 university students were paid with Dhs1.35m of financial aid, while 130 deserving families of community were also extended financial help as part of welfare activities,” he added.

As part of the annual general meeting, the members of PPW, a body of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), had also discussed matters which included the nomination of new members for different executive committees.

The official had also announced future plans for including signature events like family gatherings, cricket matches and sessions for prominent speakers from Pakistan who can discuss different topics for PPW members and their families.

The members had enjoyed the performance of prominent Pakistani classical singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, who had been awarded top civilian awards from the government of Pakistan like the Pride of Performance Award in 2007 and Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2010.

Ahsan Jamil, the CEO of Aman Foundation, an NGO operating in Pakistan with the support of Dubai-based businessmen, also briefed the gathering on its operation under the theme of ‘Transforming Lives’.

The NGO mainly works in the sectors of education and health through an extensive approach to bring the community to its multi-faceted platforms.