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As the name suggests, this committee has two different objectives:

New Membership Enrolment

To ensure that new members possessing good professional background & decision making role in their respective organizations are admitted to the Professionals Wing. This committee has to ensure that such member should add value to the Professionals Wing.

Pre-requisites of Membership

  • The Proposed Member should have the following qualifications:
  • Be a Pakistani Citizen (in special cases of Pakistani Origin)
  • Have a Professional Qualification
  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Hold (preferably) a decision-making position in his/her respective organization
  • Be proposed by an existing member

The selection criteria of new members is as follows:

Proposal is scrutinized & approved by the working committee & then it is forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval.

After approval by the EC, an invitation is sent to the approved member (with a copy to the proposing member for follow-up). This letter contains a brief introduction of the Wing and its membership rules.

Upon payment of the annual membership fees (AED 1500/- per annum or on pro-rata basis, if he joins during the year), he / she is issued a welcome package and is enrolled as a new member. The new members name is added in the member’s list, which is circulated to all the members on a quarterly basis.

The Membership Committee & Executive Committee has the right to reject any application in the best interest of the Professionals Wing, without assigning any reason.

Special Task

The second objective of this committee is to take up special tasks during its one-year tenure i.e. from October to September. The scope of such special tasks could be wide, varied, and of different nature. It could be to meet an existing need of the Professionals Wing or to address & propose solutions to community problems or to forwarding to the Government in Pakistan, proposals from the available expertise, for addressing economic, social, educational, welfare and other important issues affecting the country.