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2nd Meeting – Discussion on Pakistani School’s “Developing a Dynamic Leadership Structure”

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Event Date: Saturday, May 07, 2011

Venue: PPW Office, Dubai

Dear Members,

In continuation of Pakistan Professional Wing support to Pakistani schools to attain an “acceptable” level in KHDA or any other school’s inspection body and seeing the positive outcome of the first meeting between the Pakistani Schools’ principals/ teachers and members of PPW Education committee, we now plan to have the next meeting on Saturday 7th May 2011, 11.30 AM at PPW office.

PPW kindly invites you, and your family members, who may have experience in the education field, to share their expertise and views with all Pakistani schools’ principals / teachers. Our topics of discussions will focus on developing a dynamic leadership structure in the schools.

Ahead of the meeting, we kindly request you to share with us a summary of your views and suggestions on this topic.

We in PPW do realize that we have a mammoth task ahead of us which we need to start dealing with in small but right and effective steps.

To keep things in focus and effective it will be a one point agenda. Once we agree on an effective leadership model than we will continue to focus on other vital issues in our successive meetings Insha’Allah.

Kindly confirm your attendance by email to ppwdxb@gmail.com or call/sms our Administrator, Ms. Atifa at 050- 9230247by 5th May 2011.


Pakistan Professionals Wing

Munir Mahmood

Irfan W. Malik
Leader Education Committee